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CyipCO- Hi-Tech Hub

CyipCO is another member of the Tsur Group of companies.  

CyipCO is a leading intelligence centre, which its sole objective is to assist high-tech companies and other IP holders to reach its true monetary potential by taking advantage of the Cyprus IP Box scheme and reduce its tax liability dramatically as low as 2.5%.

Intellectual Property (IP) is increasingly becoming one of the most valued assets of businesses. Therefore, choosing the appropriate location for its exploitation proves essential for effective protection and extraction of maximum value.

CyipCo offers an ideal one-stop-shop solution with a hugely advantageous IP tax modules that enables companies to achieve tax optimization.

CyipCO offers a legitimate one-stop-shop solution for significant tax reduction that enables qualified companies to maintain a sustainable regulatory infrastructure and as a result, benefit from the IP Box Regime on long-term basis.

Our accumulative expertise and proven track record enable us to tailor a cost-effective solution for each qualified company while improving its efficiency and profitability.

Cyprus IP regime is fully compliant with international developments in the tax treatment of IP income and OECD’s guidance. The IP regime has been reviewed by the EU Code of Conduct and has been assessed as fully compatible with EU standards.

For more information about CyipCO, please visit our website:

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