Tsur Group Limited is a multidisciplinary international firm acting in the fields of compliance/regulatory advisory, water solutions (i.e. water pollution and desalination), tax optimization under the Cyprus IP Box Regime and market research.  

Tsur Group Ltd's Regulatory, Compliance and Integrity Services Division is part of a larger dynamic and dedicated business segment that focuses on delivering a wide range of assignments within the Financial Services Industry. As a professional services firm in the EU and Asia-Pacific, we service clients that are national institutions and/or international financial groups in the banking, asset management, insurance, and payment industries.​    

Our Water Solution Division - idesalination.com -  offers a wide range of smart water solutions that helps governments and large-scale corporations to fight water contamination and pollution issues, and also offers unique solutions for water treatment, water desalination, and water creation.  

A Tsur Group member company - CyipCO - is specializing in tax optimization and offers qualified companies, under the Cyprus IP Box Regime,  to enjoy a reduced tax as low as 2.5%. 


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